What I want to Be

Database Administrator

  •  I am learning and practicing MySQL since January 2019. I am enjoying creating databases and creating tables and play with them. I started with the basics like,
  1. Data Manipulation Language
  2. Data Definition Language
  3. Data Control Language
  4. Transactional Control Language

  • Since my college degree is not on Database Administration, so a Database Administrator certificate would help to fulfill that requirement, Oracle University offering some courses on DBA to get the certificate online or onsite
  • Cloud technology is growing very fast and most companies moving to cloud instead of traditional databases so an AWS certificate would help
  • Linux operating system certification also a plus for this job I learned as I researched Job description on Dice
  • I have a friend named Abu Tamim who got the job by doing a course on DBA and he has no college degree, so I would do a course on DBA beside my college degree and since I am finishing my degree in similar field and that’s a plus for me. Tamim also guiding how to be a Database Administrator.

  • Things I need to learn,
  1. How to Monitor the system
  2. Manage and Maintain configurations to ensure performance and availability 
  3. Setup and maintain SQL server for encryption
  4. High Availability
  5. Scalability
  6. Security
  7. And more

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