The Search For Peers

In class we were asked to look up some of our former peers that shared our similar goal and we had to find out their process on how they got to where they are today.

Since my goal is to eventually become a filmmaker, I looked up different young filmmakers. I saw that their process is that they would enter different film festivals to help get them known and sometimes they would win first place, which gave them even more exposure in the film industry.

One person that I found was Caroline Lindy. She was born and raised in New York City and graduated from Kenyon College with a major in Drama. She had recently entered into a film festival where she won first place at 10 different festivals. As of now she has relocated in Los Angeles, but still does work out in New York where she has cultivated a career in directing, writing, and filmmaking.

Caroline Lindy in the process of making a short film.

Also, our professor had brought in a special guest Fawwaz, who is a York College graduate who had applied for the MFA program as a joke, but then shockingly got in. His conversation with us really opened my eyes and mind to really think about what type of career I see myself doing in the future. As far as his story and how he got started, he mentioned that he started off making weird crazy videos with a few of his friends and he was just making them for fun. He told us that it’s important to surround yourself with a team of people who share the same passion and that trying to do everything by yourself will become overwhelming. What was really interesting that I have never thought of is that, a group of us can make one big project and that we can all use the project in all of our portfolios; and we can each show how we contributed towards the project which is a big benefit for all involved.

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