The Goal

For our second class we needed to define a big goal we want to achieve. Not necessarily a goal that will remain the same forever, but more of a plan towards working on something. Everyone had a different idea. For me, since I’m very close to the end of my college career, my big goal was to search for an internship. Internship seems like such a difficult obstacle for some of my fellow peers. That is why I wanted to focus on that from now, so that I can get one early on before the spring semester starts. My original plan was to get an internship for the summer that passed but unfortunately I didn’t get enough time to look into any of them seriously. So now, I must put in the time and effort to find one that I want to do. From the research that I did, I found many different types of internships. Now I just need to find more and delve deeper as well as fix up my resume and create a reel.

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