The final project that befits your big goal

You’ve spent a fair amount of time researching future peers based on your BIG GOAL. It’s time to take a closer look at the kinds of work those future peers have completed in the recent past and see what opportunities for work you might complete with their models in mind. The works they’ve produced might not be exactly what you’re interested in making, but it can give you an idea of the level of proficiency in the work that is expected. It’s good to think about the skills required to complete the work and how that work represents those skills.

Often it’s not just the ‘work’ itself, but the value is in the presentation of the process and the manner in which creating the work was achieved. Your ability to present your process and be accountable to a process is as constructive and instructive as the work itself. Future peers will have the opportunity to learn about you through the narrative you give to describe it.

That’s why as a condition for entering final project class, we ask that you propose not just a work to make, but a plan based on research and models. And during the final project class you’ll be expected to present regular updates with artifacts of your work and adjustments needed to your plan in the face of problems. What processes are important to track in order to be successful? What did you learn in situations where you were not successful?

To organize this proposal you will use a slide “deck” also known as a powerpoint or Google slides. Have a look at the format I’ve created which includes a couple of examples.

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