Taking charge of my goals

Today in class we discussed defining our big goals and tasks.

Each student had to think of a goal they wanted to accomplish in the future and write that goal down on the white board. This gave everyone an opportunity to really think of what’s important and put it down for others to see. It was a good sense of peer pressure but it made it feel like we owed it to our peers to accomplish the goal which pushed us harder. I wanted to start with a specific goal I really wanted to work on and that was sharpening my photoshop skills. I have a motion graphics class and would really like to work on videos/cover art in the future so I know it is critical I learn that these skills. Professor Smith sent out some really great, detailed tutorials that I have began watching and taking notes. I also used my motion graphics professors tutorials to learn about photoshop tools. layering, and edits. I would say i’m still at a beginners level when it comes to photoshop but I think if i keep up with my tutorials and pay attention in class I can become the photoshop master i’ve always wanted to be. It was also very helpful doing the peer presentation method. I am not great at socializing but I believe it will be really helpful in my future career to have great communication, and listening skills.

Aside from the great tutorials my professor have sent me heres a youtube video that has been really helpful.

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