SAMANTHA hate/love by yadwinder Singh

Samantha loved her ct205 principle of the moving image class. It was required by her major but also intergied her. She was excited to learn about filmmaking and start editing. The class exceeds her expectations by being really insightful teaching her things such as green screens, editing, and how shots are framed. The school and the teacher’s reasons for this class was to introduce the grounding principles of the major.

She also loved ct345 intro to motion graphics. required by her major but excited to learn this field she is not really familiar with. she wanted to learn the techniques and knowledge required to make motion art and her expectations were met. she learned how to use adobe after effects and make moving images. the school and teachers reasons for teaching this are so the students are multiple faceted and are exposed to more than just standard point and shoot.

Sam hated bio111 environmental biology. She needed this class as an elective and she took it during the summer. she was excited to learn about biology as she is into the natural world. However, she was severely disappointed as took much work stacked on top of one another. The teacher and school aimed to teach students about the natural world and help them better understand their environment.

Another nightmare sam went through was math111 stat and probability. She also needed this class as a requirement by the college and did not really care for it. She was confused quickly after the first few classes and did not get much out of this class. The teacher and school wanted this class to teach students some basic math and statics as they are somewhat valuable to everyday life.

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