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CT 101Digital Storytelling

I chose this class because it was required for my major which is Communications technology

(Tv production). I believe it was required as a prerequisite because it was a 101 class. My goal of the class was to put more of my focus on web design. I always wanted to have my own website one day and this professor helped me do that and was very kind. I believe the professor’s goal for us taking this class was to be more creative and think of school in an exciting way. He wasn’t focused on stressing us over homework and tests but more focused on bringing our creative ideas to life. I ended up getting an A in the course.

York CollegeCT 210Portrait Documentary

This class was also part of my major requirements. This class was definitely challenging. Coming into TV production I wasn’t sure what to expect I wasn’t really good with a camera, editing, or anything like that I just had a passion for it so my goal was to sharpen my skills. This professor which was Daniel Phelps was a very hard criticizer but he just really wanted good work. His goal was for us to produce the best documentary we could in such a short period of time. He really taught me to pay more attention to details and put my all into my work. I also got an A in thhis course. Yay!!


Queensborough CCLS 112Elementary Spanish II

This class was spanish 2 that I took in my old school Queensborough community college. This class was a level up from the beginners spanish and I needed it to get my liberal arts associates degree. My goal at this point was just to pass because it was terrible. Coming into the class my goal was to be a fluent spanish speaker but clearly i played myself. My professors goal I believe was to have us leave with a greater knowledge of spanish. He knew we wouldn’t become fluent speakers but I assume he just wanted us to leave with basic spanish speaking skills since spanish is the second main language spoken in America. This was my worst class I ever got because I got a D.

York CollegeHUM 290Special Topics in Humanites

This was another language class that I took last semester at York. Even harder than the spanish 2 class. I initially took the class because it said special topics in humanities and silly me thought okay it will be about the arts. I was sadly mistaken. I had to learn speech therapy, the anatomy of the throat, and the IPA alphabet. My goal at this point was to just pass the class because I was so lost there was days I did the readings and cried. I believe my professors goal was for people who wanted to get into speech therapy to become more specialized in the field. Overall got a A in the class which was so surprising but worth it because I never studied more in my life. Heres a little view of the IPA table so you can understand my struggle.

Image result for ipa alphabet

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