This class has helped me become much more adept at tactic the internet to find useful study tools. Before this class, I wasn’t aware of the internet to study and did not realize all the useful web-based tools that were available to use! Not only  I have learned new methods of finding study tools, putting my stuff online, and also I can create them online myself. 

  • Linking Project to personal interests – my big goal to be a front-end developer. You’ll remember things better if you link them to something you like. I made a website as my digital presence.
  • Learned about how your daily and weekly goals relate to your long term goals – I think about things in smaller portions. I divided my goals into daily goals and weekly goals. From this class, I have learned how I am going to write the final proposal and how I can apply for an internship.
  • A Google slide proposal has been submitted and needs to be Reviewed.
  • A resume needs to be submitted for review by the internship coordinator.


This is one of the few classes I can recommend to other students that you will truly help them be more effective in school. I will use the online tools I learned in future classes for studying and completing projects, as well as in my future career. I am so glad I signed up for this class – it really will help you throughout college! The portfolio class is a great space and opportunity to showcase learning while building a digital footprint. My class is almost entirely paperless now, which is why I decided to transition from a paper to a digital portfolio.

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