Portfolio 399 – UX Case Study

The problem that we are tackling is what’s the most effective way of communication between college students & their education institutions. In order to solve this problem, we would need to do research based on our participants’ behaviors & usage of their school’s email.

So we started preliminary research within our own case study. Which involved a very brief interview with a college student in order to gauge what specifically could potential pain-points be with their colleges/universities.

This gave us insights into what could be useful in solving our primary goal & if there was a foundation to work on. After discussing our findings, we decided to move on to our 2nd phase of research which is to begin surveying college students.

This survey will give us an overview of what exactly do college students want from their school’s emails, how do they use it, what kind of email clients/applications do they use to access the emails, & what their usage rate is with their school’s emails. The survey itself will also be used as a screener in terms of figuring out who’ll be our main participants for phase 3 of our research to conduct our in-person interviews.

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