My Final Portfolio Post

My current portfolio web site

So this is NOT my best kind of portfolio, it was cobbled together for a late internship opportunity. That being said I want my website to have a design layout similar to this one by Brandon Kang;

Home Page Layout
In-Depth Project layout

I already have a LinkedIn profile so that’s always helpful but I want a 2nd internship for myself as I currently am interning at a startup doing User Interface tasks for them but I’d like another internship just to get the experience & to experience more of the tech industry.

The BIG Goals:

  • MORE PROJECTS: My current projects limited, I have some in my back pocket but since this semester took a lot out of me, I have not been given the chance to work on them properly. So I’m going to be using Figma, Protopie, Balsamiq & user-flow as tools to aid me on these projects.
  • Fix up my website: I’ve learned a bit (not much, gotta redo the tutorials) of web design & so it’d help in my quest to create the portfolio website that I want in order to implement the digital presence that I want to cultivate.
  • Apply to Grad-School: So I have a couple of grad schools in my mind to apply for but in order to do so, I need to have a portfolio first so I gotta work on that specifically.
  • Re-Learn Web Design & Web Dev: I’ll be honest with myself since this semester was a bit much for myself I don’t exactly know the full knowledge of HTML, CSS & even JS so I want to re-learn a lot from this semester throughout the break.
  • Final Project: So as Venisha stated earlier, we’re teaming up as UX designers in order to improve the school’s communication system so we’re currently working towards a proposal towards that goal.
  • Regain Confidence for Myself: So this semester as I’d mentioned was a lot for me. I bit off more than I can chew and it really rocked my confidence honestly in that I did pretty poorly which hurt me a lot more than I’d thought. That’s why I want to relearn a lot of my semester in the break.

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