My big goal that I want to achieve in my career is working along side film producer Ava DeVernay. After seeing, her latest limited series “When They See Us” it enhanced my passion of becoming a film producer. However to fully understand her position and what it took to get to that place, I looked at the roles of two of the assistant producers that worked with Ava DeVernay. Morgan Billington, assistant producer helped put this particular story into a visual piece of work. Her role was to work closely with DeVernay and other producers to help them. Jessica Dorsky was a set production assistant which meant she worked on the movie set in a support role, providing assistance to crews of various departments. Her tasks might include helping out with the construction of sets, keeping wardrobes in order, and performing general office duties. Both assistant producers, attained their Bachelor’s Degree. Following up with internships such as on TV shows, Theatre Productions, and on radio shows. By researching, these two individuals who worked under DeVernay allowed me understand the various steps I must complete to obtain my big goal. Also, it brought me a sense a relief learning the various internships that these women completed. I felt overwhelmed of looking for a internship. However, seeing that I can intern at a television show, theater production, radio podcasts or even at a newspaper facility increased my information of wanting to be a film producer. By researching, I also learned that there are numerous forms of being a film producer. After researching the roles of producers under DeVernay, we did peer review with another classmate to know their big goal as well.

Some of the steps I can do to bring me closer to my goal would be enhance my postproduction skills such as in Premium and Photoshop. Edit and enhance my documentary of Finding Balance as a Working College Student. Look for internships and build up my portfolio.

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