My BIG Goal

Today in class we had to take a moment to come up with a big goal to help us with with our futures. It didn’t have to be something that we have to stick to forever, just something for now. Even though it was explained that this wasn’t something final I began to overthink this whole thing. At first I was thinking very basic, I was thinking about something small like procrastination and how finding a way to stop procrastinating or how to procrastinate less can help me with all my future endeavors. Then I started thinking about how I want to find internships that I want to apply to but I don’t know where to start and my mind just started going everywhere, but I finally came up with a focus. Something that i’ve been wanting to do for a while now is share my photography and videography work on social media. My focus would be documentary photography. This opened my eyes to so much, not only the style of this photography but dope photographers like, David Allen, Michal Chelbin, and the amazing Laylah Amatullah Barrayn . These people have talent!

I also saw a cool instagram page @womanstreetphotographers

This page post many different types of photography from woman! I think that is so cool, there are not of known women photographers but there are a LOT of women photographers and there work is great. This page is just one way to get a chance to see some of their work.

After today’s class I plan on working on finding my type of photography so I can have my photography instagram page exactly how I want it to be. I am excited. Stay tuned, more post coming from @skyshotts

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