Internship possibility

Today in class we looked up possible internship opportunities and I found one that seems like it was something that I could be a part of. The internship was with the Sesame Street production team.

Sesame Street Domestic Production is looking for a Spring 2020 Production Intern. We are looking for proactive, driven, problem solving TV/Film/Video Production or Communication majors that are interested in learning about all aspects of production. • PLEASE LIST YOUR AVAILABILITY (DAYS OF THE WEEK YOU CAN WORK) AND AVAILABLE START DATE IN YOUR COVER LETTER* Responsibilities Include, But Are Not Limited To: • Assist in running the Production Office and taking part in Season 50 celebrations/shoots • Assist with Sesame Street Digital Shoots in internal studio, including set up of equipment, script notes taking, and observing the production process in a green screen and blue screen setting • Assist Script Department with script distributions and with the script revision process • Edit lyric videos for YouTube, working closely with the Digital Producer & Associate Producer • Complete research projects as requested • Develop and publish an internal production monthly newsletter • Meeting and event set ups as directed-participating in production meetings, writer’s meetings and table reads throughout the semester. • Observe both creative and management aspects of production to gain a better understanding of how a Sesame Street episode is produced domestically • Responsible for giving Sesame Street Set Tours to Make-A-Wish, auction winners, clients, and guests of cast/crew when in Production • Sit in on the Sesame Street post production process, observing producers as they review edits and give notes. • Work alongside the Sesame Street Film department observing pitch reviews, and the production process by attending weekly meetings. • Complete daily pick-ups and drop-offs with mailroom as well as production runs • Work with Production staff on special projects as directed

There is a lot of things listed that I feel I would be a great at doing and I would be extremely excited to learn more about being a part of a real production team. Not saying that everything that I have been a part of previously was fake but just the fact that everyone knows about Sesame Street. A lot of people, including myself have grown up watching the show, I use to love Elmo’s World more than anything so being able to work where that was created would be amazing.


We also talked about how we would go about apply to these internships and the layout of an introduction email. Honestly the whole process gives me anxiety so hearing everything broken down helps me feel like I can do this. Hopefully soon i’ll be interning somewhere that will be beneficial to my future career in filmmaking.

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