First day of Portfolio Class

Classes that I liked:

CT-401 Final Project

It was a required class for my major. I did the proposal before the class started so I knew what was the class about. It met my expectation because the class was about making a project that I choose to do. I didn’t have any real-life work experiences with a similar field that I am studying. So, Professor gave us the real work experience taste through this class by commenting and feedbacking on our works throughout the semester.

FA-284 Computer Graphics

It wasn’t a required class for my major, I had to take this class instead of ENG-384 because the department was not offering that class that semester. First of all, there was no writing assignment in that class only worked on Photoshop, Illustrator and After effects. It was fun and exciting projects throughout the whole semester, really loved that class and got skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. As a Professor, I think she fulfilled her expectation in that class by giving us less stressful homework and also she gets what she expected from this class which is getting skills on the graphic designs.

Classes I didn’t like

Pol-101 Politics and Government in the United States

It’s pathway class, there was no class left to register as a full-time student so I had to took that class. I had little idea about that class that it will about American politics which I had zero knowledge. Professor vision was only how we going to take the mid-term and final exam and how hard the question would be. I don’t know what was the professor expectation from that class but as a student, it was a frustrating and annoying class for me.

ASTR-102 Stars, Galaxies & Univ

It was a pathway class, I hardly understand this class, the best thing from this class was I had the chance to see the Moon through a powerful telescope very closely, I don’t know if that class fulfilled the professor expectations.

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