Finding Future Peers

Today class I was trying to find some links that connected to my big dream. As I was looking up at found a group called CUNY meet up and in October they are doing a event with “Oscar health Software Development Tour”. I am in wait list to join this meeting and meet up with people who have similar dreams and learn something which would help me to pursue my big dream.

I also find a friend in similar field but he has already 6 years experience. He graduated from Islamic University of Technology in Bangladesh with computer science major. He start his career as a Database Administrator and worked as DBA for 4 years and then he switched his career to BigData Administrator and now he is working for M&T bank.

I also tried to find some training in big-data and I found a workshop in New York.

Doing Masters in Data Science also in my dream, so I also searched for universities and found lot of universities. Most of the courses are online.

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