Final Post

Throughout this semester, I’ve been trying to figure out how I want my digital presence to look. It was hard for me to have a clear goal so instead of thinking very big I decided to take it a little step at a time. Luckily that’s exactly what this class was all about. We took everything slowly, and did a lot of research which helped me figure out I want to focus on photography. My goal at the moment is to become like a street photographer named Karine Biz  whose Instagram is @karine_biz

My digital presence is my instagram photography page @skyshotts I have a lot more to post. I’ve been having shoots with my friends recently so I have some edits that I am working on. I know exactly how I want the layout to be, I plan on posting things three at a time. So if I have a shoot with someone I want them to have three favorite pictures and that’s what I want to post. Luckily one day I can be featured on a street photography page like @womanstreetphotographers

Final project 

I have no proposal for my final project but I do have an idea. I know for sure that my final project is going to be a documentary about natural hair because I’ve always been interested in that and I feel now is the perfect time to express how I feel about how society views women of color with big Afros. With this project I want to use all of my skills that I learned in cinematography and portrait documentary. I have a lot of footage already but I would definitely want to recreate it. 


I am working on my resume. With my current online presence I plan on adding a lot more content over this break so I can start applying for internships with a lot of work to show. 

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