Final Post

Final Post

This class has taught me to research and prepared for my future. While trying to attain a career in Film Production I was able to identify people who are in the same field. Understanding the various roles within that field allowed to find the right position for myself. The position of set producer/ associate producer I find to be the roles that to fit my purpose more. Each class we had to do research and write a blog post. The process of researching and documenting the findings has allowed me to be more organized. 

Digital Presence 

Before this semester, I never considered my digital presence. I had personal instagram however no social media outlet to showcase my work. I have created a linkedin account to show my credentials, youtube account, and website. I have changed my website which removed any blog posts and made it more professional. 

LinkedIn Account :

Youtube :

Website :

Final Project and Internship :

I am in the process of breaking down and finding a theme for my final project. I am considering a short film of the truths of alcoholism within a home. I am in the process of creating shot list and organizing a team of characters. 


I am currently waiting for a response from Dumpling House Media, a set production and agency.

In the process of looking into other internships like CNN.

To Do List –

Continue research on the industry

Start Final Project

Practice on After effects and Premier

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