My digital presence (so far)

So for myself, I already have a digital presence in having a Linkedin profile as well as having a portfolio website. Having said that, I am not happy with my current website as it was made via SquareSpace (I’m sorry Mike!).

Learning Web design & development skills this semester has given me more leeway to explore opportunities on my own website. Having said that, with my newly acquired skills & taking inspiration from a few other portfolios, I have started to come up with wireframes of what my eventual website would look like. I definitely would want to have an animated background. With a hero image of whatever product case-study I would.

That’s just the basic gist of it but honestly, I have a lot of work to do because with a portfolio I have to have good projects & case-studies. Some of which I am working on in school.


Current version

Understanding The Internship Application Process

The internship application format that was shown in class has allowed me to understand the steps of this process. The format basically breaks down the all the information that must be presented. I found it interesting that all the schedules such as the time and days of the internship will be presented on the application. I found it interesting because it allows the students, the internship, and school faculties to know the information.

Final Blog Post

Digital Presence

Since my goal is to become a working Experience Design Researcher, I am frequently showing my portfolio. For convenience, I use my self titled domain name as a way to showcase my portfolio. This also allows me to include the link on all my social media presence(LinkedIn) and on my resume.

Currently, it is a simple WordPress site, lacking fancy bells and whistles. This site features my Experience Design projects. Each one includes the basics of a properly structured document, ie: Titles, short description, my contribution, media, and links. With the exception of the recently added Spotify. Now that I think of it there are a few links that can be included. Adding links to the pictures for the comparative competitive analysis could strengthen my argument about airdrop specifically.

I never thought to add mentions about myself. I do have two lovely thank you letters that I would love to post with the permission of the writers. I think people enjoy recommendations/reviews so this may encourage them to hire me 🙂

Through the creation of my site, I consistently referred to other Experience Designers. I still am as I search for inspiration to reformatting my homepage. For example, Randy Friday & Matthew Farag has a pretty simple but effective way of displaying her case studies using hero Images. My plan is to apply the same feature to mines.

Internship Process

I have completely fulfilled my internship requirements.
Most job applications require that junior researchers have 3-5 years of experience. Therefore my plan is to acquire an internship every summer to increase my years of working experience. Currently, I have applied to 7-10 internships and I am awaiting their response. This is also why my website is so important to me it is basically their first impression of who I am.

Final Project

For my final project, Anik and I have teamed up to figure out a way to improve York College’s email system. Currently, we have a completed presentation that we need to submit for approval.

Research Benefit

In the previous classes, we have discussed and gathered information about how we can work towards achieving our big goal.  

Researching Peers

It starts off with doing research. I looked up a few different people that share the same interest in the filmmaking field and this is who I found. Two of them have already had their experience starting out and is well on their way to becoming the next big successful film directors; and the other two are just starting out and are slowly getting into the industry.

The first two individuals are Jeff Sterrenberg and Crystal Kayiza both apart of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective.

Jeff Sterrenberg is an award winning filmmaker and teacher currently located in Brooklyn, NY. With over 8 years of experience his work has been seen on The Documentary Channel and TIME and he was on the editing team of the Oscar nominated short documentary “Sun Come Up.”  In addition to the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective, Jeff is a proud member of the Meerkat Media Collective, an award winning interdisciplinary collection of artists who prioritize shared authorship and skill sharing within their creative process.  He is also one of the directors, cinematographers and lead editors for their upcoming feature documentary Brasslands which has been featured as a work-in-progress by Rooftop Films, IFP’s Spotlight on Documentaries and the Paley Center Doc Fest. 

Crystal Kayiza is a Brooklyn-based documentary director and producer. Her work focuses on pursuing more nuanced narratives within the African Diaspora. She is a recipient of the 2017 Jacob Burns Film Center Woman Filmmaker Fellowship and is a 2018 Sundance Ignite Fellow. As a Woman Filmmaker Fellow she directed and produced, Edgecombe, a short documentary examining the ways trauma repeats and reinvents itself in a rural Black community in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. After graduating from Ithaca College in 2015 with a degree in Documentary Studies and Production, Crystal spent two years at the ACLU working on racial justice issues. She received a Heartland Emmy Award in 2012 for her film All That Remains, which profiles Boley, Oklahoma, one of the nation’s last all-Black towns. 

The next two individuals are Dee Rees and Justin Simen both with the experience, but well on their way.

Dee Rees has grown significantly brighter since becoming the first African-American woman to have an Oscar-nominated adapted screenplay. After the critical success of

Updating my Resume

Prior to this class, I created my resumes based on the google templates. The first resume I ever created was with the help of my friend, Heather. We downloaded the google version of the the resume template and basically mimic the online version. I felt as if the resume I had created did not represent my work ethics and skills in film. This class has allowed me to be expose to the proper set of a resume.

Example of my prior resume :

  • Iris Cuascut 

(C): 347-232-4131

Professional Summary

  • Positive and cheerful daycare provider with 2 years experience in childcare and babysitting. Excited to offer child-appropriate activities involving art, music and dance. Reliable Child Care Worker talented at creating a safe, stimulating environment for young children. Expertly leads individual and group activities to encourage learning and develop social interaction skills.

Skills –


Calm under pressure

Active listening


Fluent in English


Friendly and likeable


Volunteer Work –

  1. Breast Cancer Walk 2016
  2. worked with Planned Parenthood to help educate high school students on safe sex
  3. Alzheimer’s Walk 2016 

Education –

Williamsburg Preparatory Diploma 2016

Full- time student at York College

This resume does not represent the skills I have developed in film and postproduction. Comparing my resume to the template has allowed me to know how to structure my resume that will properly represent my skills. Below will be a link of my new updated resume. This class has allowed me to understand the structure of the information on resumes.

Big Goal Outline

I want to be a Data Scientist. After finishing my Bachelor in Communication Technology I will try for master’s in Data Science. Data science and traditional databases two different worlds, but both work with the data, so in order to reach my big goal I have to start with something small, that’s why I choose MySQL relational database to start start with. SQL is in the IT field for more than forty years with a very strong position and fully developed.

What I have learned so far…

  • How to install Oracle MySQL
  • How to create Databases in MySQL
  • How to create users
  • How to run DML commands
  • How to run DDL commands
  • How to run DCL commands

What I am planning to learn in order to reach my big goal…

  • Get certificate on Linux
  • Learn cloud computing with AWS
  • Familiar with BigData concept
  • Learn Hadoop concept
  • Learn Cloudera Manager/ Hortonworks
  • Familiar with Cloudera tools
  • Learn the basic concept of Kafka
  • Learn the basic concept of Spark
  • Learn the basic concept of machine learning

My Digital Presence

I want to be an Graphic Novelist/Photographer. That’s my Big Goal.

I’ve found that I am interested in two separate things, but find use for both of them in each other. For example, there is the understanding of perspectives and composition that I think is essential to taking good photos/shooting good videos. That understanding can easily translated to the graphic novel space. I had confirmed that notion after reading Scott McCloud‘s Understanding Comics and Making Comics it became more apparent that it would be beneficial for both.

My Instagram accounts are pseudo portfolios 1, 2

Inspiration: Doodlejor, Actionhankbeard, Josh Katz, etc

I understand:
– Camera Movements and composition
– Story boarding, transitions and pacing.
– Various Illustration and Photography software

Need to know:
– How to Pitch
– What steps to take to get things done

Your digital presence, internship, and final project in process


So for next week, final presentation day, you’re going to submit a final post which covers your final reflection for this class which gives an update on your digital presence, final project, and internship plan.

Please submit a response to this form with a link to your final post as well as a link to your digital presence. You don’t have to include a link in your final post to your digital presence if you’d like to not connect your real-name to this course blog.

We’ve spent a lot of time this semester discussing larger goals, BIG GOALS! And how you might pursue them with incremental efforts. This included do a lot of research to identify pathways toward your goal posts. You found projects, people, academic programs, jobs, internships, and more which had affinities for your larger goals.

You also were asked to frame your digital presence, internship, and final project plans around this larger goal. It’s time to ask yourself where you are in this plan and report out some next steps. For the last day you will need to show a digital presence in whatever form it currently exists. In your blog post you should define why this is the right digital presence for you based on researched norms for your community of interest.

Also, you need to examine your final project and internship readiness. What needs to be done? Do you have approval for either? Both? For each of these be sure to define under which category your are:

Final Project

  1. No proposal has been submitted.
  2. A Google Doc proposal has been submitted and needs to be reviewed.
  3. A proposal has received comments and needs to be resubmitted.
  4. A proposal has be submitted, accepted, and I’m cleared to register for CT 401.
  5. Registered in CT 401 and my final project is in progress.
  6. I’ve completed CT 401 and my final project.


  1. A resume needs to be submitted for review by the internship coordinator.
  2. My resume has been submitted for review.
  3. My resume has been reviewed and approved.
  4. I am searching for internship placement options.
  5. I have applied to internship placements and am waiting for a reply.
  6. I have an internship placement but needs to be reviewed.
  7. I have an internship placement, it’s been reviewed, and I’m cleared to register for CT 490 or CT 491.
  8. I’ve completed CT 490 and my internship.

A digital presence that befits my BIG GOAL

ou have identified model individuals through the “future peers” assignment that are in a position that is of interest to you. And now it’s time to make choices about what you should present and where you should present them.

Research and Document

Pick one or two presences and break down and organize all the types of information included in the “future peer’s” presence(s).Here are some of the types of things you might consider defining depending on the individual’s presence.

  1. A personal domain
    1. Site design and platform? Your own HTML, WordPress install, Social Media home?
    2. Blog?
  2. Resume Linkedn or on another site.
  3. Contact methods
  4. Portfolio Artifacts
    1. Titles
    2. Description of project
    3. Description of contribution
    4. Media embeds – Videos, Photos, Screenshots, etc.
    5. Links
  5. Process/Skills/Talents – lists and/or descriptions, broken into categories or a single paragraph.
  6. References – mentions, accolades, articles about you.
  7. Bios – formal, anecdotal, skill driven, personal, personal photo or not
  8. Social Media Links – personal and/or professional

After breaking down what a “future peer” has chosen to present, define what you will present. Collect and document what you have and what you will need.

Peer Report

As usual, we’ll discuss what you’ve worked on, but also below is a running list of links to all sorts of profiles identified by students in the past. I will add others shared in the peer report. Sorry about any link rot.

Web Design/Development

Updating my Resume

For a while, I had been using a rather basic and wordy resume. So I figured it would be time to update it. First things first I called in the big guns, my younger but much more career savvy cousin. She kindy tore my resume to shreds explaining that I had too many fancy adjectives that took up too much space and didn’t allow me to show all of the skills that I am capable of. So after receiving her feedback, I spent a little over two days finessing my resume. My goal was to create a resume that would showcase the skills/ techniques that I learned from school, work and all the different internships I have had. Here’s what I created, it will always be a work in progress since then I have gained more skills in experience research that I have to include but for now, my resume will remain as it is.