This class has helped me become much more adept at tactic the internet to find useful study tools. Before this class, I wasn’t aware of the internet to study and did not realize all the useful web-based tools that were available to use! Not only  I have learned new methods of finding study tools, putting my stuff online, and also I can create them online myself. 

  • Linking Project to personal interests – my big goal to be a front-end developer. You’ll remember things better if you link them to something you like. I made a website as my digital presence.
  • Learned about how your daily and weekly goals relate to your long term goals – I think about things in smaller portions. I divided my goals into daily goals and weekly goals. From this class, I have learned how I am going to write the final proposal and how I can apply for an internship.
  • A Google slide proposal has been submitted and needs to be Reviewed.
  • A resume needs to be submitted for review by the internship coordinator.


This is one of the few classes I can recommend to other students that you will truly help them be more effective in school. I will use the online tools I learned in future classes for studying and completing projects, as well as in my future career. I am so glad I signed up for this class – it really will help you throughout college! The portfolio class is a great space and opportunity to showcase learning while building a digital footprint. My class is almost entirely paperless now, which is why I decided to transition from a paper to a digital portfolio.

my digital presence


Today I discovered that I need a hub to place all of my videos. A league of Dhoom for my supervillains. A website is not my cup of tea. I have come to the conclusion that I will stick to my first love of Youtube. I have started uploading videos that I have been too shy to share

The big take away from all this is that I want to tell do music storytelling. that is the genre that I want to pursuit

Digital Presence

In class, I learned that I must have a digital presence to showcase my work. As my big goal to become an film producer, I want to create a platform where I can show my work. Below is a link to my website in which I will change to show my films.


Another way to enhance my digital presence will be setting up my profile in LinkedIn , this will allow my credits, experiences, and education shown.


My Digital Presence

I have a LinkedIn profile as well as a Youtube channel. For my major, I have made several pieces of content based around my work as a cinematographer. These videos are school assignments that i can use in my portfolio. Right now, my Big Goal is to increase that portfolio and get an internship for cinematography. I also want to improve on my writing and make some comedy skits based on my writing.



A digital presence

As a digital presence, I have a LinkedIn profile. I don’t have any physical staff to show cause my big goal is to be a data scientist and there is nothing to show but the skills, that’s the reason as a digital presence I have the LinkedIn profile. I have three friends in a similar field who also have LinkedIn where they put all of their skills. Here is my LinkedIn profile.

Preview Class for Final presentation:

We’ve spent a lot of time this semester discussing the big goals. Now we are about to finish this Portfolio class. What I have learned this course are Define the big goal, an example of presence online(You found projects, people, academic programs, jobs, internships, and more which had affinities for your larger goals) and what are your digital presence. Today, the professor really asking to know what is your real progress to reach your Big Goals. However, my big goal to be a front-end developer. I would like to link my previous completed projects. Then I would like to mention my final project progress as well as the Internship application process.

digital presence

I want to be a content creator/ creative director and find a internship in it. That is my big goal.

I am interested in a lot of things and feel stressed out when I try to limit myself to a category so I think the title content creator is very broad and has a nice ring to it.

Inspirations: http://www.byanniebercy.com/, https://www.instagram.com/brandonalmengo/?hl=en, https://www.instagram.com/qasquiat/?hl=en, https://www.instagram.com/coverartmatters/?hl=en

Working on my digital Presence

Today I focused on finding actual inspiration for the redesign of my homepage. Currently, my website is un-aesthetically pleasing. Within the next two weeks, I would like to design a web page that will showcase my Experience Design case studies rather than my photography.

During my search for inspiration, I discovered Randy Friday & Matthew Farage & Katie Chen. Randy’s homepage features a rather nice alteration of card boxes for each of his case studies. While Matthew & Katie feature a single column of large hero cards for each case study. I do prefer Matthew & Katie’s approach to showcasing their portfolio.

My goal for the next two weeks is to recreate their homepage as mines. I will be using Elementor since I refuse to add additional coding homework to my load during finals week.

My digital presence

Today in class we worked on finding what our digital presence is going to be. I figured mine is going to be an instagram page to share my photography. I have one already I just don’t post as much as I would like to. Interesting enough I have a lot of pictures that I want to post on my page I just don’t post them for some reason. If you go through my camera roll on my phone I have 2,762 photos and basically all of them are  from shoots that i have done in the past. I challenge myself to post right after I shoot so I won’t have a lot of pictures on my phone again. 

I plan on updating my bio so when I add my instagram page to my resume all of my information could be listed there already. I know that I want people to see my work when they visit my instagram page.

I also realized that my Big Goal is to be a part of the instagram page @womenstreetphotographers so my work can get more exposure. It would really be cool to be a part of something like that because all of the women that have been posted are extremely talented. 

I plan on using my instagram  as a portfolio. I want to post photographs and videos that I have worked on in the past. Hopefully with this I will be able to use this platform for everything I create.