What do all these classes mean?

Photo by Eugenio Mazzone on Unsplash

Two Positive & Two Negative

Find two courses you’ve taken in your college experience that you ascribe positive qualities – I learned a lot; the professor was good; the assignments were meaningful; the subject was important to me; etc. Also find two courses that you would associate negative qualities – I struggled to pass the course; the instructor was not very good at explaining things; I didn’t find the subject interesting or useful at all.

With these four courses answer with a partner the following:

  • Was this a class you chose, was it required, and what made it required? Basically how did you end up in this course?
  • What were your goals while taking the class? Or did you have expectations of this class and were they met?
  • What do you think the goals of the instructor and/or the institution were for you to take this class? You might think of this most narrowly from the perspective of the instructor and the learning objectives defined in the syllabus or more broadly from the perspective of the mission of the college and/or the values of the community that the college exists in.