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Good Morning, my name is Taheem Thompson. I am majoring in Communications Technology. I’ve learned a lot about working towards my career goals through this class, and the amount of work that it takes to find that job. I’ve learned about the effectiveness of breaking my goals down into more manageable portions. Activities like finding […]

Last post For my digital presence, I have decided to focus on a website. For right now I only have a Wix website but I want to get my own website/domain which I would have to do more research on. On my website, I would like to post my content so future clients can see. this […]

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Final Post I am yadwinder singh my digital presence is youtube I have learned to put my stuff out there and to not hold on to it like a little baby too scared to see the sunlight. I have also learned to reach out to friends who are in the similar trade in anyway […]

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Portfolio Design has taught me about the process of breaking assignments into smaller pieces. One of the most things that we did in this class was research. Researching is extremely important to learning and obtaining smaller goals to eventually achieve your big goal. While taking this class with final project I realized how much I […]