Your digital presence, internship, and final project in process

So for next week, final presentation day, you’re going to submit a final post which covers your final reflection for this class which gives an update on your digital presence, final project, and internship plan. Please submit a response to this form with a link to your final post as well as a link to your digital […]

An internship opportunity that befits your big goal

You’ve defined some future peers based on some future goals, and now it’s time to build a path toward working with them. Use your research from those two weeks to identify workplaces that you think align with your goals. Don’t worry about whether they have internship programs or placements defined, just worry about the actual […]

The final project that befits your big goal

You’ve spent a fair amount of time researching future peers based on your BIG GOAL. It’s time to take a closer look at the kinds of work those future peers have completed in the recent past and see what opportunities for work you might complete with their models in mind. The works they’ve produced might not be exactly […]

Defining a Big Goal and some small tasks to get started

Having big goals vs. knowing how to accomplish them can be overwhelming. But hopefully the work you’ve been doing in the Communications Technology program and the classes in particular are contributing toward your goals. At least they’re helping you get a degree! But the degree doesn’t guarantee a job or an amazing project in your portfolio, […]