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Good Morning, my name is Taheem Thompson. I am majoring in Communications Technology.

I’ve learned a lot about working towards my career goals through this class, and the amount of work that it takes to find that job. I’ve learned about the effectiveness of breaking my goals down into more manageable portions. Activities like finding peers in my preferred field of work and writing cover letters have also helped in managing what I need to do.

For my Digital Presence, I have a Youtube channel and a LinkedIn page for people to see. My Youtube channel, herounlimited13, has a couple of videos showing my work, mostly focusing on shooting and editing.

Here is my LinkedIn Page:

My Final Project Idea is for a comedy mockumentary about a marketing firm creating a superhero to advertise products. I just need to actually start writing some scenes for it.

For Internships, I have been looking around at places like NBC and News 12 for example, but I’m still going to look for more places to work.

Right now, I still need to get permission for an Internship and my Final Project, as well as send my resume over to get it approved for said internship.

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For my digital presence, I have decided to focus on a website. For right now I only have a Wix website but I want to get my own website/domain which I would have to do more research on. On my website, I would like to post my content so future clients can see. this content will include photography, music, videos, animation, documentaries, cover art, etc. As a content creator, I just want to show off everything that I have worked on throughout the years. I will always add contact information so people can get in touch with me for the services they need. I’m not sure if I should just create an Instagram page for my content but

INTERNSHIP: For my internship, I have been looking at iHEARTRADIO, Soundcloud, Hot97, and HBO. These are companies that I found out are in fact having spring/summer internships for communications students. The one I am focusing on the most is iHeartRadio being that Professor Smith has connections in that department. Also, my main passion is music so as a content creator I would love to combine both passions for genuine happiness.

FINAL PROJECT- Pullup Nailz App Design or shooting my own music video. I got a lot of good feedback on my nails app mostly from women so its something that I really don’t want to forget about. I am not the best at designing apps with Sketch and other apps so I would love to find partners and more future peers to help with this idea

Final Post

Throughout this semester, I’ve been trying to figure out how I want my digital presence to look. It was hard for me to have a clear goal so instead of thinking very big I decided to take it a little step at a time. Luckily that’s exactly what this class was all about. We took everything slowly, and did a lot of research which helped me figure out I want to focus on photography. My goal at the moment is to become like a street photographer named Karine Biz  whose Instagram is @karine_biz

My digital presence is my instagram photography page @skyshotts I have a lot more to post. I’ve been having shoots with my friends recently so I have some edits that I am working on. I know exactly how I want the layout to be, I plan on posting things three at a time. So if I have a shoot with someone I want them to have three favorite pictures and that’s what I want to post. Luckily one day I can be featured on a street photography page like @womanstreetphotographers

Final project 

I have no proposal for my final project but I do have an idea. I know for sure that my final project is going to be a documentary about natural hair because I’ve always been interested in that and I feel now is the perfect time to express how I feel about how society views women of color with big Afros. With this project I want to use all of my skills that I learned in cinematography and portrait documentary. I have a lot of footage already but I would definitely want to recreate it. 


I am working on my resume. With my current online presence I plan on adding a lot more content over this break so I can start applying for internships with a lot of work to show. 

Final Post

Final Post

This class has taught me to research and prepared for my future. While trying to attain a career in Film Production I was able to identify people who are in the same field. Understanding the various roles within that field allowed to find the right position for myself. The position of set producer/ associate producer I find to be the roles that to fit my purpose more. Each class we had to do research and write a blog post. The process of researching and documenting the findings has allowed me to be more organized. 

Digital Presence 

Before this semester, I never considered my digital presence. I had personal instagram however no social media outlet to showcase my work. I have created a linkedin account to show my credentials, youtube account, and website. I have changed my website which removed any blog posts and made it more professional. 

LinkedIn Account :

Youtube :

Website :

Final Project and Internship :

I am in the process of breaking down and finding a theme for my final project. I am considering a short film of the truths of alcoholism within a home. I am in the process of creating shot list and organizing a team of characters. 


I am currently waiting for a response from Dumpling House Media, a set production and agency.

In the process of looking into other internships like CNN.

To Do List –

Continue research on the industry

Start Final Project

Practice on After effects and Premier

My Final Portfolio Post

My current portfolio web site

So this is NOT my best kind of portfolio, it was cobbled together for a late internship opportunity. That being said I want my website to have a design layout similar to this one by Brandon Kang;

Home Page Layout
In-Depth Project layout

I already have a LinkedIn profile so that’s always helpful but I want a 2nd internship for myself as I currently am interning at a startup doing User Interface tasks for them but I’d like another internship just to get the experience & to experience more of the tech industry.

The BIG Goals:

  • MORE PROJECTS: My current projects limited, I have some in my back pocket but since this semester took a lot out of me, I have not been given the chance to work on them properly. So I’m going to be using Figma, Protopie, Balsamiq & user-flow as tools to aid me on these projects.
  • Fix up my website: I’ve learned a bit (not much, gotta redo the tutorials) of web design & so it’d help in my quest to create the portfolio website that I want in order to implement the digital presence that I want to cultivate.
  • Apply to Grad-School: So I have a couple of grad schools in my mind to apply for but in order to do so, I need to have a portfolio first so I gotta work on that specifically.
  • Re-Learn Web Design & Web Dev: I’ll be honest with myself since this semester was a bit much for myself I don’t exactly know the full knowledge of HTML, CSS & even JS so I want to re-learn a lot from this semester throughout the break.
  • Final Project: So as Venisha stated earlier, we’re teaming up as UX designers in order to improve the school’s communication system so we’re currently working towards a proposal towards that goal.
  • Regain Confidence for Myself: So this semester as I’d mentioned was a lot for me. I bit off more than I can chew and it really rocked my confidence honestly in that I did pretty poorly which hurt me a lot more than I’d thought. That’s why I want to relearn a lot of my semester in the break.

Final Post

In this class Portfolio Design 399, I’ve learned so much about what it means to actually create a portfolio for yourself. Although, I learned about portfolio design, I also learned about how to do extra research to network with people who have previously been in my area of study.

One person that I have recently linked up with that is a York College graduate and is currently enrolled in the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema is Fawazz. We took down each other’s contact information and he would let me know whenever he has a project he’s going to be working on, that way I will be able to be on set and gain experience in the field.

Through working with Fawazz, I hope to network with more people and I will be able to build experience which could help in my resume when applying for internships and potential jobs.

The lesson about how to properly apply for an internship was a very helpful and insightful. I learned how to go the extra mile to make sure that I stand out and make a good first impression, especially with an impressive email. A template was provided, so that we get a general idea of what would be considered a great introduction of ourselves and leave them with a good first impression.What was mentioned is that, I should look at the end credits for films and looking at the very last few people that aren’t so hard to reach, and send them an email and introduce myself and ask if I could potentially work with them on their next project and see their process.

My digital presence is a 2019 video reel of all of my work that I’ve made so far. Going into 2020 I want to have a variety of different types of projects and I would also like to build a website similar to this website here:

For internship I know I would like to work in the area of media production, such as a broadcasting system, or behind the scenes controller of operations. If I am not able to obtain one of those positions, I would also look into internships that deal with any technical, whether its audio operation, tech support, etc.

For my final project I still don’t know what I want to do yet, but I possibly want to make an actual short film(s) that can potentially be submitted into different film festivals. I also want to create a website and expand on my brand ZOQ Productions.

final post

Final Post

I am yadwinder singh

my digital presence is youtube

I have learned to put my stuff out there and to not hold on to it like a little baby too scared to see the sunlight.

I have also learned to reach out to friends who are in the similar trade in anyway that I can.

I have learned that I am interested in telling stories through music.

My final project will be a long form music video that is inspired by Bollywood

which I have not submitted.

I am still searching and applying for internships.

but have a google doc filled with more options

Last Post

Portfolio Design has taught me about the process of breaking assignments into smaller pieces. One of the most things that we did in this class was research. Researching is extremely important to learning and obtaining smaller goals to eventually achieve your big goal. While taking this class with final project I realized how much I enjoy creating motion graphics/ animations. Originally I was searching for media internships but after taking this course I realized that was very broad and now I am narrowing my search specifically for motion graphics/animation internships. I am setting a new goal for myself and it is to make at least 1 short motion graphic piece every month of the new year to improve my skills and learn new techniques. And I believe my new big goal is get an animation job in the future.

Digital Presence

For my digital presence I was trying to make a new Instagram account for my motion graphics/animations however it was not letting me make a new one at all. I believe Instagram would be best for my projects because they would be very short about 1 minute or less. I tried signing up with 3 different emails but it kept disabling me. I’m disappointed that I can’t make a new page at the moment but hopefully I can get it to work in the near future.

So, for now I have to use my Youtube page.

Final Project and Internship

I completed my final project in this current semester and I had a lot of fun making it. I feel proud of what I accomplished and I actually will like to improve it more now that I won’t have a time limit.

As for internship, I have a resume but I need to submit it for review by the internship coordinator and I’ve been researching internship options. I need to get an internship asap so I can take the class this spring. That will be my final CT major class that I need and I will finally be able to graduate!

Portfolio Final Post

My name is Mohammed Hoque. I am majoring in Communication Technology.

Data Science

Data science is the study of data. It involves developing methods of recording, storing, and analyzing data to extract useful information effectively. The goal of data science is to gain insights and knowledge from any data, both structured and unstructured. End of 2018, I spend some time with a few related friends who are working with big companies in the United States, like M&T Bank, JP Morgan, and Bank of America. They explained how fast the data companies are growing and how efficient having careers relate to those fields. They introduced me to 

  • BigData problem
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks
  • Skala
  • Spark

And the importance of learning any of those tools. They also taught me about Data Science and how great to have a career in DataScience. I got interested in their field, so I changed my mind and decided to make my career in Data Science. My big goal is that now I want to be a Data Scientist. After finishing my Bachelor in Communication Technology, I will go for a master’s in Data Science.

Data science and traditional databases two different worlds, but both works with the data and traditional data system is essential to learn. So, to reach my big goal, I have to start with something small; that’s why I choose MySQL relational database to begin. SQL is in the IT field for more than forty years with an extreme position and fully developed.

I am learning and practicing MySQL since January 2019. I am enjoying creating databases and creating tables and play with them. I started with the basics of SQL like,

  1. Data Manipulation Language
  2. Data Definition Language
  3. Data Control Language
  4. Transactional Control Language


The fundamental importance of the Database Management system is to define, manipulate, retrieve, and manage data. Database Administrator plays a vital role in the Database Management System. In my internship, I learn about functions as a Database Administrator. There are five essential roles as a Database Administrator.

Installation and Maintenance

ETL(Extract, Transport, Loading)

Data Managing

Database Backup


AWS(Amazon Web Services)

To-do list

  • Since my college degree is not on Database Administration, so a Database Administrator certificate would help to fulfill that requirement, Oracle University offering some courses on DBA to get the license online or onsite
  • Cloud technology is growing very fast and most companies moving to cloud instead of traditional databases so an AWS certificate would help
  • Linux operating system certification also a plus for this job I learned as I researched Job description on Dice

Also, find some links that connected to my big dream to be a Data Scientist. As I was looking up at, I found a group called CUNY meet up, and in January, they are doing an event with the “Oscar health Software Development Tour.” I am on the waitlist to join this meeting and meet up with people who have similar dreams and learn something which would help me to pursue my big goal.

My Digital Presence

My Final Project